Kermit Okiver Hermes Scarf Collection


エルメスの2004年秋冬のスカーフカタログ"L'ART INDIEN DES PLAINES"の写真のスカーフの結び方です。

- Hold the scarf with both hands (one of the corners upside)
- Backside of the scarf faces you.
-Then, make plisse as tiny as you can sliding the holding width wider along with the scarf width.

YOU NEED TO INSTALL "QuickTime Player" to look at the moving picture.
You can download for free at the link below.
-Put the scarf behind your neck.(Make one end longer than the other.)
- Put the longer end over shorter end.
- Make a knot (Put longer end under shorter end then pull it out)
-Pull both ends to bring the knot as close to the neck as you can.
- Now longer end is over the shorter end.
- Make a small loop with longer end.

- Be sure the frontside of the scarf can be seen.
- Put the shorter end around the loop.
- Make a knot putting shorter end thru the loop you just made.
- Pull down the shorter end to tighten the knot.
-Put your finger in the loop and unfold the plisse.
- Put the end in the other end.
- Put the both ends backword and make a knot behind your neck.
- Done!!

エルメス スカーフ 結び方