Kermit Oliver Hermes Scarf Collection

Kermit Oliver exhibition at The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. March 6 - July 4, 2005 
"Notes from a Child´s Odyssey: The Art of Kermit Oliver"
Picture record of the exhibition. (Manufacturer/Publisher: MFAH )
Beautifully bound book .
Not just a picture book but also a Kermit Oliver's short biography and interpretation of his artworks.
Includes short refference how he became the only American designer for House of Hermes.
Commemorative Scarvs "Faune et Flore du Texas"
Fuchsia (New color) Green (New color)

Special logo
Another color (Yellow) was also issued. Yellow color is re-issue from the past.
Kermit Oliver presented himself at the preview party. I wish I could fly to Houston.....
Thanks to one of the members of U.S. Yahoo Group "HERMES SCARF COLLECTORS INTERNATIONAL"
and kind Sales Person of Hermes in U.S., I could get these limited scarves.
Thanks again!

テキサスワイルドライフ カーミットオリバー エルメス スカーフ