The Great Indian Scarf Trick 










「Clove Hitch」と呼ばれる結び方だそうです。

(Clove Hitch)    
These instructions were originally written by Maura & Suellen.

Works best with a long, rectangular, lightweight scarf: (GM folded on the diagonal)

-Put the scarf behind your neck (two ends hanging down your front).

-Make one end longer than the other. (A lot longer. About 16", in the case of the GM when I tie them...
Hold one end in each hand. For example, long end inthe right hand, shorter end in the left.)

-Hold the shorter end in your non-dominant hand.

-Lift up the non-dominant arm, elbow bent. (that's the left arm for me)

-With your dominant hand, pass the longer end (UNDER the left or shorter end),
near the outside of your wrist and then wrap it up and around the back of yourneck, as if you were tying a sling.
Don't get the non-dominant elbow caught inthe scarf. (What I do is cross the right end under the left,
then up and over the outside of my left wrist and around the back of my neck like the sling.)

-Let go of the short end of the scarf (which should just be waiting there held in your left hand),
and then put the long end in its place. (Basically drop the "shorter" end that's in your left hand,
put the "longer" end in that left hand, and pull the "longer" end throughthe loop you've made)

-Adjust the scarf to bring the knot as close to the neck as you like.